Thursday, February 10, 2011

from the corazon

Since I was a child I sought out and felt a connection to the shape. I find the soft curves inverted triangle an inspiration with various meanings. Culturally the heart is part of the folk art images of my heritage and they show up in my artwork in various ways.

In some cultures a red heart meant love, joy, charity, compassion. Others see it as a symbol of truth or loyalty. Over the next few days I will post some of the ways the corazon has appeared in my life and inspired my art. I will also share some theories about why the shape became a symbol of romantic love.

One theory is that the heart shape symbol was derived from the seed of the North African Silphium plant now extinct. The plant was used as seasonings but also used as a contraceptive in ancient Egypt. The importance of the plant and seed was so valued they stamped the seed shape(heart) on coins. This theory states that because of its value as a contraceptive this symbol became associated with sexuality and eventually love. More heart theories and meanings in the days to follow.


 Bluebonnet heart reminder of my beloved Tejas with one of my signature embellishments and some hand stitching from my Tejana art quilt.

Firey corazon on one of my fiber art story quilts.


Child like heart colored with crayon scribbles from a piece where I created a fiber interpretation of my son's childhood art.

Consider all the meanings of this shape and how it appears in your life. Symbols are all around us and we absorb them subconsciously. Does it bring a memory? Make you smile? What does it represent for you?

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