Thursday, May 15, 2008

Raccoon Medicine

This morning during my morning meditation time I had the usual brother and sister birds that add to my time with Creator bringing different messages for the day. But today I noticed in the neighbors tree a new visitor, Brother raccoon, a relative of the bear. He came over the fence moved directly toward me as I sat on my perch and without hesitation he made his way over to me face to face. We made eye contact several times as I spoke to him and then I stopped to listened to what he had come to say. Thank you Brother Raccoon for this message today. Ttlazocamati

Excerpts taken from my Animal Medicine cards.

Raccoon: Generous Protector and Provider, the Robin Hood of the Animal Kingdom.
Raccoon is keeper of what goes around comes around. What you give out is what you receive. You give back to the source of your strength. This medicine is also about speaking up in defense when others are silent. An important point to keep in mind is that we have to honor our own needs and the needs of others equally. Being self full is not the same as being selfish.
Raccoon also warns to keep an eye out for what I call energy vampires, those who take and rarely or never give back. Your generosity can be wasted on those who refuse to help themselves.
Whatever raccoon needs, he is going to try to get it in a variety of ways, instead of insisting it come from one direction in exactly a certain way. When you practice flexibility and resourcefulness, there are less limitations in life.
The mask that raccoon wears is sometimes associated with thievery, but it actually is powerful mystical symbolism. Around the world for centuries masks are and have been used to achieve altered states, ceremony, celebration, magical practices, and in healing work. By wearing a mask we are longer whom we thought ourselves to be but become one with other forces. We create a doorway in the mind and in the physical world, a threshold that we can cross into new dimensions and transformation takes place. It teaches us that none of us are quite what we seem, even to ourselves, that in our lives we can experience the freedom of many identities. This medicine helps us to assume and release the many roles we play.
If raccoon speaks to you today ask yourself Are you hiding your true self? Are others hiding their true self? Do you need to present a different face in life for greater success? Are you giving more to others instead of yourself?
Walk with beauty on Good Red Road with a knowing that all is available to you. You need only slow down to listen and to see with clear eyes. Take care of yourself today and be one with all of who you are and always have been. Yocoxcayotl, Paz, Peace

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