Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Donaghy Building Gallery, Downtown Little Rock, AR
My work with the conference is complete for another year. It was a powerful event with many groups represented, authentic voices from diverse communities each telling their story for the greater good. People from all over the state and some from surrounding states came together to learn, share, ask questions and participate in connecting conversations with one another. In this way we can continue to build allies, coalitions, and heal generational wounds as we strengthen the work we do for children and famines in the State. Thanks to all and especially to my friends Bill Sparks and Louise Derman Sparks for their loving support of the sometimes difficult work we are doing.
In the midst of the conference work I was invited to share my work at the Donaghy Building Gallery where it was well received. Its a small space 10 works on exhibit and I am happy to share that I have sold two. The show is up until the end of the month.
The community work I do and the art is a natural for me, I cant do one without the other. They compliment each other like a couple that have been together for a long time. When one is challenged in conveying the message the other gently facilitates the dialogue. Art brings people together and I hope that mine poses questions and provokes thoughts that can lead to connecting respectfully with one another at a basic level. My community work feeds my art so now its time to get some rest. And then get back into the studio to let the images flow from the stories that were shared and the relationships I am building. Gracias,thanks, tlazocamati to all for being a part.

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