Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tzolkin date meaning for today

muluc - offering; known as the water sign

Today the Mayan Sun sign calendar is day of offering appreciation for all of creation.
This day is the day of Muluc with the Galactic tone of ten.
Muluc represents water. Water was and is used in many ceremonies as an offering to bring about collective strength, adaptability and harmony. Muluc formulates and transmits the creative pulse. The flow of water like creativity makes it very emotional, imaginative and even psychic. Muluc can be romantic and fantasy prone.
The Galactic tone for today is ten meaning manifestation. Where we once had ideas, dreams, and hopes can now become present. What is focused on with intention and attention becomes real with ten.
So as I work on reorganizing my studio, my life I give attention and intention to the life I am creating and the work that will flow from my hands. I am thankful for the newness and the manifestation of dreams come true. Now back to the studio so that I can create in the days to come from the inspiration I feel today. Tlazocamati for all that life brings.

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