Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jardin color

Spring is here and color is everywhere. I lovingly remember my special one on one time with my Grandfather in his garden. He taught me many lessons. Not only about what plants are good companions, but life lessons as we moved our hands through the soil creating waves of color to enjoy the entire summer.

On our way to our favorite restaurant we spotted the flowers in full bloom at the local garden shop. The colors were so delicious I had to stop in and soak some of it up.

It was a perfect day to dream up some ideas for our deck.

I enjoy auditioning the color combinations just like for my fiber art.  

Feeling blessed to have my own private park as my backyard, creek included. It is quickly becoming my secret garden sanctuary, my church. Its my place for inspiration, meditation, listening for lessons, and remembering my place in the journey.

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