Sunday, March 27, 2011


Whooopie…..Happy New Year to me…its my birthday. 

Tlazocamati Ometeo for another year and this year the beginning of the First Night of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan calendar. May we all begin to nurture the seeds we have planted as we grow more conscious of who we are and how we walk for the Greater Good.

As the years have progressed I have taken the tradition, (as soon to be Doña Sabrina) that I will celebrate for several days and will eventually take the entire month. Why? Because it is an honor to live another year and be given the opportunity to grow on my journey. To have been given the courage and spirit to fire walk and exchange life’s lessons with others on this journey. To have been given the love that flows from my mouth and hands to tell the stories in words and cloth so that they may not be lost. And be given the privilege to clear the path where possible so that those that follow will be closer, as the elders have done before me. So as this year approached I once again prepared to shed my skin. I sang to the silver moon, cleansed myself with the sweet scent of copal, sweet grass, and sage and now have begun another year on my journey.

This year has been the most powerful for me in many ways. It has been a time of tough lessons. Letting go, shedding on all levels, and experiencing the greatest of love with my Beloved and mi familia once again. I am blessed to be able to see the beauty of the thorns and the new life spring brings.

The celebration started out a bit different this year, although with my Beloved in charge I have come to expect the unexpected. My Beloved wanted to celebrate Valentines Day (aka one of the high femme holy days) before we celebrate my bday since we were away on family business in February. So on March 25 I had my very own Valentines day surprise, I love you balloon and all. It seems the local bakery appreciated the missed celebration story and created a special order of red velvet with cream cheese and Ghirardelli chocolate Whoopie pies for me. A dozen of them individually wrapped with brown satin ribbon and sprinkles. I swooned at the sentiment as any femme would do and started unwrapping the tasty thoughtful gift. Valentines celebration wonderfully completed then began the personal New Year aka bday.

This bday is at a time when we are moving into our new place and spring is a time for nesting and new beginnings so I embrace it all. For two days we sought out items to help us prepare our nest. In and out of the rain we searched vintage stores, small town emporiums, church rummage sales, and estate sales enjoying our favorite and new favorite eateries along the way.  
In the process I was the recipient of various personal bday treasures. In particular a very special vintage Native gumdrop garnet and silver ring. And a most precious naja squash blossom silver necklace. Now this is truly a special gift that presented itself at just the right time in my life. I have had this necklace on my list of treasures I would like to have since my childhood days in New Mexico. The naja symbol (crescent moon) has a long history in several cultures. The Moors, Spain, and even further back as a symbol to ward of the evil eye. In recent history of the naja necklace is associated with the Navajo  and their use of decorative sterling as well as the Zuni who began adding the stones to their versions. These necklaces were/are worn during ceremonies of agricultural cycles for fertility and blessings. And today is the beginning of the energy shift to a time to nurture the seeds we have planted for spiritual growth. So to find this treasure at this time was a wonderful gift.


Yesterday morning I took my walk along the creek and in the garden by the big tree I found this:

It was preceded by two other terra cotta corazons in different sizes found in various places in the house. These are a great addition to my story garden. Then I was gifted a fabulous sterling moon kissed necklace by Two Sisters that says, "Femme" made just for me. It has been a few days of plenty and I have enjoyed a lot of other goodies. I am blessed in many ways. 

The rain was welcomed, the creek is low, but it didn’t slow us down. We traveled about like the birds collecting just the right twigs and sticks to build our protective nest in the woods. Soon like the hawks that circled above us we will settle into our new selves in the new space and begin to move forward with all the work that lies ahead. I welcome the transformation.

But for now I’m off to see what more awaits as I begin another full day of celebration and giving thanks for another year. Take the time to tell someone how they have touched your journey. Its important to support one another as we walk the Good Red Road. Blessings this New Year to each of you and yours. May you plant strong intentions and nurture them to full bloom.
Thank you, Gracias, Tlazocamati 


  1. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Feliz Cumpleaños y Feliz Año Nuevo. I am glad that this has been a wonderful birthday for you. I am glad to see your happiness in your life and with your love. Be well and may you have many, many more wonderful celebrations. Many blessings for you and yours. Con Carino y Abrazos. Tamo

  2. Be happy for this moment...This moment IS your life.

    My moment was your encouragement to take that simple leap of faith. I discovered finally, the true meaning & purpose in my life that had been eluding me.

    Now, I stand in the ring, ready and strong. A true contender, unafraid, on this good red road.

    May your lives be blessed, your amigo, Lucas James Salazar.

  3. Belated Happy Birthday my Spirit Sister! Wishing you many wonderful joyous and creative years to come. Love, j